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Welcome to the collaborative, integrative, and holistic approach to overcoming the adversity of child removal and reunifying your family.


Compassionate guidance and instruction to help you gain the information you need in order to regain custody of your child.


Make lasting changes that will impact your life and that of your child.


Create the ongoing stability and structure for your life that helps inspire confidence in your parenting abilities. 

Be the parent you set out to be. 

Be the parent your child needs, and regain custody from the state.

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Gain the knowledge about how the system works. 

Utilize the tools we offer including our six month planner with concrete action steps, our free blogs and videos, as well as workshops and coaching that will help you understand the Department of Child Safety or Child Protective Services removal and reunification processes. 

We decode the abbreviations and break down the purpose of the different meetings as well as the roles of the participants. We help you create concrete next steps and action plans that will set you firmly on the path toward reunification.


Create sustainable change in your life. 

Open the door to small, managable changes by shifting the way you think and respond. These small internal shifts change the way you show up in the world and the way you interact with your child. Take accountability for your actions and grow your sense of self-worth.

Instill protective factors and build a safe, supportive environment for your child that creates confidence in your parenting abilities. Learn to manage your stress and any obstacles that arise without reverting to unsafe patterns.

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Bring your child or children home with the knowledge that removal, and the situations that caused the removal, are in the past. Ensure you have plans in place in order to keep your child safe and well cared for. 

Create a transition plan that gives your child the opportunity to ease into the return home, thereby decreasing the additional trauma and stress for them, and for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help families overcome the barriers to healing, and to partner collaboratively in order to create safe and sustainable reunification. 


Healing occurs when parents are able to understand the process, take action, and create change for themselves and their children.

Real change requires knowledge, integration and ongoing effort. If we shortcut the process, we shortchange our children.

Let us join you on your journey to successful reunification!


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